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Creating custom clothing

Body scan

Where 3D scanning was once something relegated to the field of science, now it has expanded to a somewhat unlikely realm: the fashion world. Clothing company Fitted Fashion is the most recent in a series of businesses implementing the use of full-body scanners to take hundreds of measurements of individuals in a matter of minutes. Continue Reading

ComputerVision used to reconstruct ancient artifacts

Cairo Genizah

It seems that the computer vision technology behind facial recognition is good for more than just recognizing faces. This time around, it’s being implemented to digitally reconstruct ancient artifacts. The artifact in question is the Cairo Genizah, a collection of thousands upon thousands of texts written in Aramaic, using the Hebrew alphabet. Jewish tradition dictates Continue Reading

Image recognition technology extends its use to advertising campaigns


Image recognition search engines are leading the way today as a new method for the curious public to discover on-the-go information. Once confined to the realm of text-based searching, now consumers are able to rely on software powered by computer-vision technology to connect isolated images with the world at large. Google is one of the Continue Reading