Facial recognition used to catch London rioters

Facial recognition is in the news again, this time in conjunction with the rioting that took place in London last week. According to an article by the Associated Press, law enforcement officials have begun entering pictures of suspects into the Scotland Yard database, in hopes of matching up offenders with a criminal history. Press officials Continue Reading

Facial profiling on its way to a police officer near you?

Facial profiling

Racial profiling: step aside. It seems facial profiling is the new hot topic. Late last week, the Wall Street Journal reported that law enforcement officers across the country would begin carrying hand-held facial-recognition devices in September, which brought issues of privacy to the forefront of the minds of many. But are people rightfully worried? The Continue Reading

Facial recognition feature on Facebook stirs controversy

Computer-vision has made big news in recent weeks in regards to the facial recognition and tagging feature announced by Facebook Inc., as explained in this article published in the Wall Street Journal last month. Similar to the iPhoto face recognition software launched by Apple Inc. in 2009, Facebook’s new feature suggests whose faces are in Continue Reading

The role of Computer Vision Software

The role of Computer Vision has become increasingly important in recent years, as related technologies have moved from the realm of classrooms and laboratories to practical use in mainstream society. The purpose of this blog is to generate awareness of the pragmatic applications of these technologies. Additionally, we would like to include the perspective of researchers Continue Reading