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Is facial recognition too intrusive?

Is facial recognition becoming too intrusive? As this technology advances, are we losing control of our privacy? See what 60 Minutes had to say about the topic.

Computer Vision sees faces in the clouds

Image courtesy of Shinseungback Kimyonghun

Computer Vision has many practical uses, ranging from security enhancement to making our lives easier, but what about art? A new project, Shinseungback Kimyounghung, was launched by two South Koreans who are using Computer Vision to find faces in the clouds. This is similar to how children often lay on their backs and point out Continue Reading

Using text to visually search within Google

Photo courtesy of Google

Google has undergone a number of changes in recent months, including but not limited to, the shutting down of some services but the launch of others. And while the end of Google Reader was announced in an effort to drive more users to Google+, that service has also seen some new features. One of these Continue Reading

Robots discovering objects through Computer Vision


While having a personal robot ala Judy in the television show, the Jetson’s, may have been the dream of every child, now such a thing is closer to becoming a reality. Meet HERB, a Home-Exploring Robot Butler created by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, as part of the Lifelong Robotic Object Discovery. The robot, which Continue Reading