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Makeup can mask facial recognition


As advancements in facial recognition are made, many people have become increasingly worried about protecting or maintaining their privacy. And while there are ways to hide or obscure a face, it has been thought by many that makeup wasn’t enough to fool that cameras. However, researchers in Michigan and West Virginia have set out to Continue Reading

Computer vision system saves drowning man


While there is a lot of talk about the ways computer vision can save lives, in some instances, it is already doing just that. Last month, a computer vision drowning detection system, known as Poseidon, saved a man in Australia from drowning after an epileptic seizure caused him to sink to the bottom of a Continue Reading

Scramble Face service geared toward Internet users looking to protect their online presence

In a world with new computer vision-related software being introduced regularly, it’s no surprise that many consumers feel as though there is nothing they can do to protect themselves against an unwanted invasion of privacy. However, just as companies come out with new facial recognition technology and algorithm-based programs, there are other companies that are Continue Reading