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Image recognition used with Instagram, other social media sites


Instagram users threw a fit late last year when the popular photo app announced its new terms of services, many which users felt were a violation of privacy. The main thing users took issue with was the ownership of photos, that is, if Instagram is allowed to take photos from its users and re-appropriate them Continue Reading

Facial recognition aids immigration crackdown in Australia

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Illegal workers seem to be a given in various industries around the world, but now Australia has begun cracking own on those looking to exploit the system. How? With computer vision, of course. Immigration officials in the land down under are using facial recognition software to identify people who have either created new identities or Continue Reading

Computer vision algorithm helps identify tumors

Image courtesy of Berkeley Labs

Add cancer to the list of medical problems computer vision can be used in diagnosing and treating. At the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, researchers have created a program that analyzes images of tumors (of which there are thousands, stored in the database of The Cancer Genome Atlas project). This program relies on an Continue Reading