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New PayPal system allows users to make in-store purchases more easily

Photo courtesy of The Sunday Telegraph

Smartphones have been revolutionizing the way we go about our lives bit by bit. And now, your iPhone or Android will soon be standing in for cash and cards if you so choose — at least if you live in Australia. New technology, unveiled earlier this month by PayPal, allows users to make transactions in Continue Reading

Computer Vision Designed for Safe & Speedy Landmine Removal

Landmines as stored in an Artificial Neural Network for Machine Learning Purposes

Researchers Roger Achkar and Michel Owayjan at the American University of Science & Technology, Beirut, Lebanon have published the simulation results of a computer vision system they are developing that uses autonomous robots to detect landmines. Landmines plague over 60 countries and where 80% of landmine victims were military personnel a century ago, today, 90% Continue Reading