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ComputerVision used to identify marine life

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons user Stefan

Back in 2006, scientists at the Universities Space Research Association discovered a way to take pattern-recognition software used in space research to identify whale sharks. These sharks boast a unique pattern of white spots on dark skin, which is similar to the kind of “blob extraction” that astrophysicists use to identify stars and other bodies Continue Reading

Did 3D scanning help an Olympian secure the silver?

Athlete Jessica Fox is scanned by a specialist from Creaform.

In light of this summer’s Olympics, currently being held in London, it seems appropriate to touch on the ways in which computer vision has contributed to the international sports competition. Most recently, it has been related to fitout, which, for kayakers, mean the building of custom parts of the kayak that fit to the bodies Continue Reading

Automated baked-goods identification can benefit businesses

Researchers at the University of Hyogo, alongside Brain Corporation, have created a computer-vision system that works to develop individual baked goods in a second. The system had its first test-run at a bakery in Tokyo, where employers are benefitting. This is because their new employees who haven’t yet learned the ropes, or part-timers who don’t Continue Reading