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Guaranteed win at Rock, Paper, Scissors with computer vision

Rock, Paper, Scissors is a famous hand game known throughout the world and dating back to the Han Dynasty. Largely a game of luck, it can be won by the most skilled of players based on various strategies such as studying the patterns of an opponent and playing against their predictability. However, there is now Continue Reading

Research finds iris scanning unreliable over time

Photo courtesy of Jan Drewes

It is standard fare in action movies involving secrets and spies to see the protagonist trick iris recognition scanners into allowing access to off-limits vaults or restricted areas. Unfortunately, it seems that the ineffectiveness of these machines isn’t such an unlikely possibility, considering the recently uncovered fallibility of such security precautions. A research team at Continue Reading

Meat slicer uses 3D scanning to improve its method

There appears to be no limit to the ways in which 3D scanning can be applied. And more recently, it has begun making its mark on the food world. Japanese company Nantsune, which has worked in the meat slicing industry since the 1920s, has developed a meat-slicing machine that uses 3D scanning technology to more Continue Reading

Video filter detects what the human eye cannot

One of the most accepted notions about the world around us is that just because we can’t see something, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. However, researchers at MIT are working on a particular type of technology which makes the unseeable seeable. In a paper entitled “Eulerian Video Magnification for Revealing Subtle Changes in the Continue Reading