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Computers trained to recognize emotions

While humans have always been better at detecting and responding to emotions than computers, new research done at MIT is showing that, in some cases, computers are taking the lead over their human counterparts. The study focuses on the act of smiling, honing in on the different reasons people smile, whether out of happiness and Continue Reading

Facial Recognition provides insight to famous paintings

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Anyone who has been to art museums is familiar with the predicament that art historians have been facing for hundreds of years: identifying the individuals in paintings. But now, thanks to new funding awarded to University of California at Riverside, this university will be able to put facial recognition technology to use in an attempt Continue Reading

Honeybees informing ComputerVision

Honey Bees

A project conducted by RMIT‘s school of media and communication has come up with findings that the brains of honey bees are capable of tackling complex visual problems, as well as creating and applying rules to adapt to those specific scenarios. This information was published earlier this month in the Proceedings of the National Academy Continue Reading

Computer vison for bird watchers


Computer vision applications perform a variety of services, from helping with scientific and medical advancements to assisting in facial recognition for law enforcement and even those in the field of marketing. But the use of this kind of technology also extends to the hobbies and free time of individuals. An example is the iPad application Continue Reading

A new and easy way of cropping photos


There are many needs for programs that help users with image processing, such as editing and manipulating photos. That is why computer vision researchers at Switzerland’s École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne have come out with a new online product which assists with exactly that. The product, known as Croppola, is a free service which crops Continue Reading