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Cat doors powered by Computer Vision

Computer vision, once a science that was restricted to programmers, is becoming increasingly more accessible for those not specializing in the field and Aaron Forster is proof of that. Forster, an IT consultant, has recently taken matters into his own hands, working to create a computer vision-based program that runs on his smartphone and operates Continue Reading

Target scanner aims to eliminate size ambiguity

Image courtesy of Perth Now

For some time now, companies have been working to use computer vision technology in ways that benefit the consumer. More specifically, they are developing body scanners that take measurements of individuals in order to design custom-fitting clothing. Now, the retailer Target is testing this out in its Australian market to the tune of $1 million. Continue Reading

Glasses are the new cool

Back in elementary school, there was something inherently unhip about kids who had to wear glasses. But now, the geeks are bringing a while new meaning to the term “four eyes.” With recent advancements in technology, it seems as though glasses are the future, as they offer access to an entirely new way of seeing Continue Reading

Computer Vision and the New Aesthetic

Computer Vision isn’t just technology. Now it seems, with the rise of a movement known as the New Aesthetic, Computer Vision is an artform, a way of experiencing life. A recent article in the Atlantic takes on this new way of viewing the world through the eyes of humans while simultaneously viewing the world from Continue Reading

Mind’s Eye fuses ComputerVision with the military

Image courtesy of DERPA

Computer Vision has been prominent in the headlines for its use by law enforcement, but now the government is also taking an interest in discovering how ComputerVision technology might aid the military. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, otherwise known as DARPA, has set to work on a program it has titled Mind’s Eye. The Continue Reading