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ImageGraphicsVideo takes Kinect one step further

Kinect was first released in late 2010 as a hands-free controller for the Xbox 360. The webcam-like motion sensor allows users to use gestures and spoken commands in order to communicate with the device. And although it was initially released as a gamer tool, the implications for its use extend far beyond that. The Xbox Continue Reading

Protecting against invasion of privacy

Facial recognition is a hot topic when it comes to identifying suspects and finding criminals, but these are only ways in which it can help aid society. However, many citizens have voiced concerns that along with facial recognition technology comes an unwanted invasion of privacy, according to an article recently posted on CNN. This concern, Continue Reading

ComputerVision aiding the fishing industry

When Japan was struck last year with a massive earthquake and a subsequent tsunami, it affected everyone. Among those groups were the fishermen on the coast of the Iwate prefecture. Yet instead of waiting for the government to aid them in rebuilding the fishing industry, some individuals took matters into their own hands. Enter Kenichiro Continue Reading

Facial recognition used to protect smartphones

It seems facial recognition technology is all the rage for the tech-savvy users among us. And now, with the release of FaceUnlock, it’s extending its use to cell phones. More specifically, facial recognition can now be used for unlocking smartphones. Because security and privacy is of the utmost importance to smartphone users – who routinely Continue Reading

Picture technology that caters to you

Canon PowerShot

Photo applications and related technology are already utilizing facial recognition with their software. But a new line of Canon cameras has taken that a step further, to include more detailed and personalized facial recognition. Canon PowerShot The new digital ELPH cameras include something known as Face ID, which caters specifically to preferences set by users. Continue Reading